Cancellation or postponement of concerts / shows following urgent measures to deal with the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency


The aim of the following FAQs is to provide the necessary information to all those who have purchased tickets for concerts / shows, both by Italian or international artists, who have been postponed or canceled because of these days of international health emergency that we are all experiencing.

On January 30, 2020, following the reporting by China (December 31, 2019) of a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown etiology (later identified as a new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus) in the city of Wuhan, the World Organization of Health (WHO) declared the codiv-19 epidemic an international public health emergency. The following day, the Italian government, with the resolution of the Council of Ministers of January 31, 2020 declared for six months, from January 31, 2020 the state of national health emergency. Afterward the government started to applicate the first urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from codiv-19 on the entire national territory, measures that have been implemented [DL 23.02.2020, n. 6 (converted, with modifications, into the law 05 March 2020, n. 3), and subsequent further implementing provisions].

As it is consequence of the international public health emergency declaration for the codiv-19, the failure to perform the concert / show for no reason can be considered a defaulting towards the buyers of the relative entrance tickets by the organizer. Also considering the legally imposed prohibitions of gathering and holding demonstrations or events in public places or in closed places open to the public.

The provisions of the following FAQ apply in addition to the conditions and terms of the official sales circuits (online and off-line) authorized for the sale of tickets and in addition to the conditions and terms of the organizer of the concert / show and in addition to the conditions and terms governing access and use of the venue.

What is the period of time within which the concerts / shows may be canceled or postponed?

The period within which the concerts / shows may be postponed or canceled coincides with the duration of the state of emergency because of the health risk associated with the onset of diseases deriving from transmissible viral agents as declared by the Council of Ministers resolution 31.01.2020. Unless further extensions if they will be defined by subsequent legislative provisions, for all concerts / shows by Italian and / or international artists. For the shows subject to cancellation, a voucher will be issued as required by DL 18/2020. The postponement or the cancellation of shows included in tours, national and international, may also result in the postponement of dates currently outside this period.

Do i have the right to refund the ticket purchased for a canceled concert / show?

We will provide you a voucher for all canceled concerts / shows included in the period referred to in FAQ number 1 you can ask for a voucher, which can be spent within one year of its issue (see FAQ numbers 4,5 and 6).

The ticket purchased is, with the request for the voucher, converted into a credit to be used within a year, according to operating and management methods that will be identified and implemented by the sales systems. There is no monetary refund.

What will be the voucher amount / value?

The value of the voucher will be equal to that indicated by the access title to which it refers, including the presale right; a credit equal to the total amount indicated on the ticket for the canceled concert / show will therefore be recognized to you.

Attention: the voucher will not include the sums paid by the buyer to the ticketing companies for brokerage services in the purchase of securities and the delivery of tickets, i.e. commissions that are applied separately with respect to the ticket, for a service returned and fiscally certified.

The voucher will contain the following essential elements:

  • Date of issue
  • Expiry date
  • Value of the voucher
  • Organizer
  • A particular / control code / progressive number

It should be noted that the voucher does not entitle the user to access the concert / show venues, since possession of a regular ticket is necessary.

Must the voucher be used only once?

Not necessarily, you can use it as many times as you want until your credit is reached and possibly integrate it to complete further purchases. Attention: the voucher can be used only for the purchase of tickets to concerts / shows of the organizer who issued it.

The vouchers can be combined with each other: you can use multiple vouchers for a single transaction.

In summary: the voucher will expire its validity to absorb the value indicated therein. Therefore, it can be valid for multiple purchases even at different times or it can be for a partial payment of an event with a higher entrance price as well as you can use multiple vouchers simultaneously to purchase one or more entrance tickets.

What is the detail of the voucher issue request?
Can it be presented directly to the ticketing company at which the purchase was made?

The buyer will request the voucher by sending the relevant purchase order * to the ticketing company (i.e. the ticketing system through which he purchased the ticket).

Once the ticket has been canceled, the ticketing company will send the voucher directly to the purchaser of the ticket via email or in the manner it will publish on its website.

* The release of the voucher will be subsequent to the receipt of the purchase order.

Those who purchased a ticket through the points of sale will have to proceed with the request of the voucher through the online channel, because the points of sale are not enabled to issue the voucher.

Those who have purchased a ticket with the “pick up at the event” option and therefore, are not physically in possession of the ticket will receive the necessary data to be able to make the request for issuing the voucher via email.

All specifications will be made available by ticketing companies, therefore we recommend that you visit their websites directly.

What is the time limit to ask the voucher?

The voucher request must be submitted to the ticketing company within 30 days from the entry into force of Legislative Decree 18/2020 and/or from the date of entry into force of the subsequent extensions of the related regulations. To facilitate the spectator, the Organizer will still accept the voucher request even within 30 days from the date of cancellation of the specific concert/show.

Afterwards, a voucher will be sent – with the timing indicated by the Ticketing Company – for an amount equal to the ticket, which can be used within one year of its issue.

The organizer has already set and communicated a new date for the concert / show not performed, how should i behave?

You don’t have to do anything.
Access tickets already purchased for the original event are considered valid for concerts / shows postponed to a later date.

Given the national health emergency and the confirmation of the show for the new date, there is no possibility of reimbursement, nor therefore, the issue of a voucher.

if the concert / show is delayed, is it possible to maintain the validity of the access titles even in the event of a location change?


The securities already issued in relation to the first location are also valid in relation to the new one. The spectator will be assigned a place of economic value at least equal to the original one, with the simultaneous release of placeholders on the day of the event showing the new seat assigned.

Can i resell the ticket if i can’t attend the show on the date on which it was postponed?


Each ticketing system will provide specific indications that will allow you to resell the ticket in the manner it will indicate to you; on these platforms, the ticket price is always the same as the original price.

Procedure for persons with disabilities and their accompanying persons

Without prejudice to the above, the request to issue the voucher must be sent by email servizioclienti@friendsandpartners.it directly to the Customer Service of the Organizer of the concert / show.

I have further questions to whom can i ask?

For any doubt, problem or need you can contact our dedicated Customer Service: servizioclienti@friendsandpartners.it

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